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School council

The Lane Cove Public School Council was established in 1992 with the aim of allowing parents, staff and community to work together to set the vision of the school and assist in the implementation of policies designed to achieve that vision.

School council 

The school council consists of the principal, parents and citizens' association (P&C) president or nominee, 4 elected staff representatives, 4 elected parent representatives and up to 2 invited community members. The president is chosen from amongst the parent representatives. It is governed by a constitution, a copy of which is available from the school office or at the school library.

The council's role includes:

Working with the school community to develop:

  • a school management plan
  • the needs, priorities and educational goals of the school
  • policies and strategies to both enhance students' abilities and talents and to cater for the varied needs of students
  • broad budget priorities.

Communication with parents, staff and wider community:

  • ensuring that the wider parent and staff views are represented in school council discussions
  • presenting and promoting a positive image of the school in the local community
  • liaising with other schools, local government and community groups on issues that impact the school
  • providing an annual report to the school community on the activities of the school council.

Assistance with staff selection:

  • providing representatives for interview panels which select new school staff when required.

Parent and staff representative nominations are typically called for in Term 4 of each year, with elections if necessary. Representatives are appointed for a 2-year term.

Parent, P&C and staff representatives seek parent and staff views and contributions in relation to the school council's operations. School council updates are included in school newsletters regularly.

Parents are invited to discuss council activities and raise matters for discussion by contacting any one of the parent representatives using the contact details below. It is important to note that the school council's role relates to policy. If you wish to discuss an individual child's situation or the day to day management of the school you should contact your classroom teacher or the executive staff, using the school's main email address.

Parent representative on school council:

Luke Andrews (President)