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Information and Communication Technologies

The LCPS Technology Centre

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and communication technologies (ICT) provide a significant educational resource for improving learning outcomes for all students, in all key learning areas. 

From Kindergarten to Year 6, students at Lane Cove Public School participate in activities that assist in the development of their ability to:

  • use computer-based technologies to locate, access, evaluate, manipulate, create, store and retrieve information 
  • express ideas and communicate with others using computer-based technologies 
  • develop an awareness of the range of application of computer-based technologies in society
  • discriminate in the choice and use of computer-based technologies for a given purpose
  • develop the confidence to explore, adapt and shape technological understanding and skills in response to challenges now and in the future. 

Students have access to computers in their classrooms, in the library and in the technology centre. There are over 150 networked computers in the school, all having access to the Internet and a variety of educational programs. Wireless access is available across the school campus with students having access to iPads, tablets and laptops. Classrooms are also equiped with interactive smartboards or panels.

All students at Lane Cove Public School receive specialised instruction in the technology centre as part of the release from face-to-face teaching program.

In the Technology Centre, students have access to a 3D Printer for computer aided design (CAD) work. They also learn about coding / programming and robotics. 

Coding in the Tech Centre

Ozobot programming

Programming on iPads