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Music enrolment

An enrolment form must be submitted for each new and existing student who wishes to learn an instrument and join an ensemble at Lane Cove Public School (LCPS). 

Frequently asked questions about music enrolment 

Does my child have to have a private music lessons to participate?

Yes, all children must have a private lesson each week to participate in the school musical groups. Lessons are held in the school grounds before or after school.

Do we have to use a tutor from the school?

The private lesson does not have to be held at the school – choice of the tutor is up to you. You may use your own tutor (that is not attached to the school) but we ask that you provide their details to us so we can keep them informed of any requirements for Lane Cove Public School students.

Are we allowed to share the private lesson?

Your child may share a private lesson with another student if you can find a student of similar ability and the tutor is happy to provide a shared lesson. Parents can then share the cost of the lesson.

When are group lessons? 

Children learning guitar, recorder or string instruments are encouraged to attend the guitar group, recorder group or string group rehearsals. These group lessons are not for the purpose of teaching the children to play their instrument but to provide children with the experience of ensemble playing (like playing in the orchestra or the band). Playing in a group is social and great fun for children. It teaches children teamwork and provides performance opportunities but does not substitute for private lessons on the instrument.

When do we find out the day and time for lessons?

After enrolments close the music committee can determine how many instruments and tutors we need for the following year. Before the end of the year, you will be sent information letting you know which instrument has been allocated for your child and which tutor. You need to contact your tutor to arrange a suitable lesson time. If this cannot be done there may be another tutor who works on the days you require so just let us know. If you would like to specify the days, for example: Tuesday or Wednesday, most suitable for your child's lessons please add this information to the enrolment form.

Can my child have a piano or keyboard lessons at Lane Cove Public School? 

The music committee does not provide piano or keyboard lessons. However, a private company called VIP Music runs group keyboard lessons after school on Tuesdays at Lane Cove Public School. 

Can my child play piano or keyboard in the concert band, jazz ensemble or orchestra?

Yes, if your child learns piano or keyboard and would like to play in one of the school musical groups they are able to do this. Years 3 to 6 students may join the band program or orchestra on the keyboard or tuned percussion instruments like the xylophone or glockenspiel (which are like pianos that you hit with a mallet). The jazz concert band also requires a piano/keyboard player of advanced standard (generally Year 5 or 6). Children can elect to have lessons in tuned percussion (xylophone or glockenspiel) with one of our fabulous percussion tutors at Lane Cove Public School. The orchestra may also require tuned percussion players.

What sort of instruments do we particularly need at Lane Cove Public School?

The band program is always in need of children to learn the bass instruments like trombone, tuba, euphonium (smaller than a tuba) or baritone (which is slightly smaller again). These instruments are really important in a concert band and players are always in demand, not just in primary school bands, but in high school and beyond.

Can my child learn guitar at Lane Cove Public School?

Children from Year 2 onwards can learn acoustic or bass guitar. As with other instruments, students have weekly private lessons after school. There are several different styles of guitar playing taught at Lane Cove Public School. All lessons focus on the acoustic repertoire as this lends itself better to learning guitar technique and musicianship. Acoustic guitars of different sizes are available for hire from the school. We also have several electric bass guitars for hire. There are positions for bass guitar in all the bands as they play an important role in providing the bass line.

Guitar group

In addition to private lessons, all guitar students are encouraged to join the guitar groups which rehearse weekly. There are 3 groups to choose from depending on the style of music and the children's ability. Best to speak with the guitar coordinator to see what would be best for your child. The Lane Cove Public School guitar groups are open to students who learn guitar outside the school.

If my child learns a string instrument will they use Suzuki or traditional method?

For learning violin and cello guides visit guide to music at LCPS.

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